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Before And After Cabinetry

Michael McClean
It started 33 years ago with my Father and my Brother. Together we were one of the first 5 reface companies in South Eastern Michigan. Back in those day we had to totally rely on samples and pictures to provide the customer with a mental image of how the job would look when completed. Now times are different. We can rely on computers to provide a visual image rather than working with the imagination. Now you get to see first hand what the "finished job" will look like and that "look" has become a driving passion of mine. Over the years, my experiences have developed into a much larger field of interests. Not only do I execute the reface, that my family became so well known for, but also new Box Cabinets, Custom Cabinets, and also Commercial Cabinets. In the late 80\'s I won an award from the American Institute of Architects, Indiana Chapter for my work in Commercial Cabinet Architecture. After winning that award I decided to branch off on my own.I developed Before and After Cabinets. My success in this venture has been overwhelming. As my company has moved forward I have done the same. Branching out to include Design, Sales, Manufacture, and Installing complete kitchens and baths. The element of has become my greatest passion. As this passion grew I needed to move forward with the industry and began searching for the perfect tool for design. I found this in a program called 20/20 Kitchen Design. It has become the perfect tool for design and image creation. Once I had obtained that program the concept of design began to take a front seat to all my other interests. Making full use of research and the educational tools available, I have developed a mastery of this wonderful computer software. I am now able to, with the use of 20/20, show you a complete layout of the finished design so that you can personally visualize the Before and After look. We look forward to the opportunity of turning your "Dreams" into "Realities". Give us a call or contact us with the Contact Us Page. Give us the chance to show you what a real dream can become.